What Is TI?

Though Total Immersion Swimming is most often recognized around the world as a program that teaches a distinctive freestyle (crawl) stroke it is also:

  1. An efficient and fast technique for all four strokesfreestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly,
  2. A extraordinary method for learning to swim– gentle, fear-less, injury-free, effective, You learn to swim with superior skill, faster.
  3. A revolutionary way to teach swimming, Unlike traditional swim programs TI instruction is based on a deeper understanding of how the brain and body work together to learn complex skills and master them. To learn about what is involved in becoming a certified TI Coach you may want to read this page.
  4. An objectively measured form of deep practice for swimmers dedicated to continual improvement, who are aiming for optimal performance and satisfaction, and
  5. A whole philosophy for training and living, such as the ‘doh’ practiced in martial arts.

Learn a bit more about each of these aspects of TI here on our website, on the Total Immersion main website and by contacting us anytime.

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