TI Transforms Your Stroke

TI solves the universal human-swimming problem of sinking, struggling and exhaustion by applying a logical understanding of physics and physiology, with a neurologically sensitive path for learning.

The principles are summarized as:

  1. Balance
  2. Streamline
  3. Propulsion

These principles are used in all 4 strokes. TI’s unique drill sequence these principles are taught in this order and in this priority.

Relaxed Balance is the foundation for holding a Streamline position. Stable Streamline sets the swimmer up to apply efficient, fast Propulsion. Assemble these three principles together into the TI stroke choreography and you not only have a smooth, beautiful swimmer, you have a fast, efficient one.


The first objective is to teach the swimmer how to be remain relaxed and balanced in the water. By Balance we mean that neutral position right between gravity pushing down and bouyancy pushing up- using those forces rather than fighting against them.

The rewards of balance are immediate: no sinking, no struggle.


Upon this relaxed, balanced platform, TI teaches the swimmer how to lengthen the body and shape it to reduce water resistance, for water resistance is the chief opponent of all things that attempt to move through it.

According to the physics of water itself, when you increase the velocity water increases its pressure against the vessel. So in the end, becoming a streamlined swimmer is more valuable than becoming a powerful one. A long-narrow vessel (a fish, a boat, a human) will move more easily through the water than a short-narrow one. TI reshapes the swimmer’s position and the timing of the movements to maintain a long, sleek body throughout the entire stroke cycle. Improving streamline minimizes water resistance, and this in turn minimizes exhaustion.

Synchronized Propulsion

A Balanced swimmer is no longer using arms and legs in a struggle to prevent sinking, and a Streamlined swimmer is able to cut through the water with far less effort. Therefore, he has more energy left to apply toward moving forward, faster and farther.

TI teaches how to draw tireless power from the core of the body. A Core-driven swimmer is synchronized in his whole stroke cycle, from toe to fingertips, driving his energy forward to split the water before him.

The objective now is not to be as powerful as possible, but to be as precise as possible. The best swimmer doesn’t necessarily need the most power, just the right amount applied at the perfect moment using the whole body as a synchronized unit.

But what do we do with the mind? Glad you asked!


TI is also a discipline for the mind- not only is TI helping the swimmer retrain her entire neuro-muscular system, it is also training her how to think and how to focus on what she can control and improve in every stroke.

TI teaches the swimmer to focus her attention on certain points in her body, certain movement patterns, and on how the water is flowing over the entire human vessel. Not only is this pleasant and engaging, it is critical for maintaining the best stroke possible. A focused swimmer maintains a deep sensativity to the smallest changes in water resistance (drag) against her body- searching for anything that doesn’t feel quite right. From this she is able to notice when a change in form or movement starts causing unnecessary drag. From the TI drill sequence and focus points used in advanced training she is equipped with the tools to make corrections immediately. A focused swimmer can adjust her stroke in the middle of the swim to turn a potentially exhausting, injurious workout or frustrating race condition into a wonderful, successful experience.


TI teaches an injury-free, mind-full form of swimming and goal achievement. Instead of quantity we value quality. Instead of power we value precision. Instead of figthing with the water we learn to work with it. Instead of making our brain tune-out the discomfort and endure gruelling workouts, we use the brain to fully tune-in to what we are practicing and do it better. We continually seek out and learn from every bit of feedback, make corrections, then retest and refine. We practice swimming the way a master martial artist will perpetually refine his martial skill and relationship with gravity. We love the water and we love the practice- we are building an intimate relationship with the water and the forces of gravity and the forces in water- to work fluently with them. For most people this is a radical change of thinking about swimming and swim training.

TI turns struggle into skill. We’ll teach you to swim smarter, rather than harder.

Put the body into the optimal position and precision movement patterns and you create a virtually tireless swimmer. Put the mind into optimal position and thinking pattern and you have a swimmer who enjoys the practice of swimming more than ever imagined.

This is the TI Way.

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