Is TI For You?

The Total Immersion technique provides a path that will enable any body to swim better than ever:

  • Children, adults, and mature swimmers,,
  • Beginners and those who are fearful of water,
  • Physically disabled and those recovering from injury,
  • Fitness, competitive, and mastery-oriented swimmers.

The principles of physics, physiology, and mental skill taught in TI apply to all humans moving in the water- they are timeless, they are scientific, they are proven by thousands of our students around the world.

The method of presenting these ideas was developed over 30 years of full-time coaching by TI Head Coach Terry Laughlin and other TI coaches who have joined him, and refined into an amazingly effective method through the experience of thousands of swimmers over those years. The method only gets better and better as the latest science and rediscovered ancient principles add new insights to our understanding of the body and the brain.

Breaking down the complexity of swimming into practicable pieces, Total Immersion is taught in a simplified, yet powerful way that anyone can learn and everyone can improve with in an amazingly short amount of time. The TI books and videos available for purchase are designed to help swimmers teach themselves, while the international network of  certified instructors and workshops are there to provide you an unparalleled learning experience.

With Total Immersion you get quick results without pain, injury and exhaustion that often come from traditional swim training because from the beginning you will be shown how to cooperate with the water rather than work against it, Why not build the best foundation from the beginning?

With Total Immersion you will love swimming more than ever as you discover how to reach your true potential as a swimmer. These skills and concepts will help improve your entire life as well.

With Total Immersion your improvement is guaranteed.

But in order to realize your potential through this technique TI will introduce you to a new way of training and a new way of thinking. Are you ready for this?

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