Self-Coaching Resources


Try baby shampoo. I have some in a little plastic drip bottle and carry it in my deck bag. Just put one little drop in each lens, rub in, quickly dip in the water just ONCE so that there is a wet soapy film on the lens but without distortion to your sight,  then put them on. DON’T take them off and rinse them in the water again or you will need to re-apply soap.  By using baby shampoo I swim for up to 2 hours with absolutely no fogging, and no tears.


I simply rub a little vaseline (petroleum jelly) under my arms. The stuff I currently use has a little perfume in it also so I smell nice too! If I don’t use some lubricant like this within 30 minutes I am hurting.


In open-water swimming, it could be easy to drop your Tempo Trainer into the murky depths. Rather than use the provided clip, I prefer to swim with mine tucked under my swim cap toward the back of the head (on the side my shoulder rubs against it). I set the TT at the desired tempo I will swim at, then click it off so I don’t have to listen to it while on my warm-up. But the TT has a little design flaw- to turn it on, you must press the right button for exactly ‘1.0382451 seconds’- if you press even just a fraction of a second longer it will click the tempo up .01. Even when sitting on the deck looking at the thing I can rarely push it so precisely that it does not click up .01.

Now this is not a big deal in the pool, but out in OW I am not going to risk pulling my TT out to check whether it mis-clicked up or not- it’s too easy to drop it out there. So I set the TT for ‘one click below my desired tempo. And then when I press the button to turn it on, I am quite confident that it will click up .01 to the tempo I actually want.

It circumvents this flaw more times than not. So I share it with you for what its worth.