Smooth Strokes Has Moved!

Our Smooth Strokes blog has moved to a new home under the Mediterra International Swimming main website.

140725 MC header FULL

We moved this blog and set up our new online Self-Coaching Program under one new single website for Mediterra’s training services. We were planning a massive website upgrade this fall, but a few things prompted us to do it sooner than later.

Please check out the new blog and the new site and let us know about all the bugs you find – we expect there to be many and need all the feedback we can get to clean it up and get it running smoothly.


Don’t worry – all the blog posts on this site will remain here indefinitely. We can see from our site stats that these posts are being shared all over the web so we don’t want to disrupt all those links.

However, all new posts will be published on the site from now on. No new posts will appear here.

We have migrated all the posts from this site to the new site – so you should be able to see and search any post there. And we are going through the process of updating the links in each and everyone of those posts so they don’t bump you back here.


And we have migrated all the current subscribers of this blog site to our site, so hopefully (if we did that correctly) there will be no interruption in receiving our weekly posts.

The email signup on this site has been removed and a new signup form is available there.

Again, when you visit the new site and notice any strange or problematic features please let us know ASAP. We would greatly appreciate the feedback!

Swim on!


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