Read About Effortless Training

I would like to invite you to order a pdf ebook called ‘Effortless Exercise‘ by TI Coach Grant Molyneux of Alberta Canada.

It is an extremely insightful book about using the wisdom of your body to pursue your best performance – the book is written in general to athletes, not just swimmers, so it would be a perfect integration for triathletes. Grant has a pretty good resume for helping folks get fast and injury free on an enjoyable alternative path.

First, please take a look at Grant’s bio and the book and consider ordering a copy. If you do, I want to offer you a 10% discount. At checkout in the TI Store just enter the discount code:


In addition to this, I would like to invite you to join me for a Book Club like experience to read through this book together and discuss various ideas that come up. There are 8 chapters so this could be divided up into 8 weeks or so. I would add you to a list of participants and I would set up a special online venue for the discussion where everyone would see and get notice of each other’s comments and questions.  You can participate your own convenience each week.

Step 1: Check out Grant and Effortless Exercise.

Step 2: Buy the book and download.

Step 3: Send me an email letting me know you want to join the chapter-by-chapter discussion on this book.

Step 4: Read Chapter 1. Look for more info from me about how you can participate in the discussion.


5 responses to “Read About Effortless Training

  1. Hi Mat, I am on 🙂 Tomorrow I go to Paris but home again I will order the book and I would like to join your club. Thank you, Kind regards Marita

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