eBook For TI Triathletes

I’ve had the privilege of receiving my first TI Coach training under Shane Alton Eversfield (and Betsy Laughlin!) and then found a couple excuses to work with him again. I am looking for more. I love being around this guy. I love the way he explains things. The attitude, gestures and phrases he used to teach during my first TI Coaching lessons are still deeply imprinted and guide me to this day. (Oh, by the way, he specializes in little events like double and triple Ironmans.)

I have Shane’s ebook Zendurance and recommend that to you if you would like some guidance on how to build a wholistic relationship with your sport (swimming, running, or cycling or all three together).

Recently, Shane has completed his Zendurance Cycling program. Though I ‘retired’ from cycling years ago, I am eager to take a look at this as it will surely drip with pearls that can be universally applied. If you’ve appreciated the way TI has opened your mind and expanded your sense of potential in the water, this follows in the same vein and values of TI.

Here is a link to the review posted by Senior Chi Running instructor David Wilburn. I read this first after Shane posted it on Facebook and was really jazzed. Makes me want to go get a (nice) fitted bike, a (nice) wind trainer and try out the concepts.

And if it draws your interest you may request to join Shane’s Facebook group Zendurance Triathletes.


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