Wet Fingers

I am fascinated by physiology, and I am guessing many of you are also.

Here’s an article on ScienceMag.com that I caught wind of from Daily News Of Open Water Swimming:

Wrinkles Help Fingers Get a Grip

Photo by Gokhan Ince

  Recent photo of Antalya Mountains-City-Sea by my friend and TI student Gokhan Ince

Today, I was swimming along the beach that is just in front of those buildings in the distance in this photo. I went 62 minutes in 18 C water, with windchill just above freezing. The discomfort is all relative – I wanted to keep as much of my body down in the cool water as I could as it was far better than being above. I swim here every other day and even as the cold weather from Siberia is pushing all the way into Turkey this week I am still just able to generate enough body heat in aerobic range to keep from going numb (except for the 3 little toes on each foot) but getting out and dashing to the car is a bit painful in the wind.

Now I am going to pay attention to how wrinkly my fingers get on my next swim in the sea. I don’t normally notice the wrinkles- but now that I recall, when I was fumbling for my key tied to the string in my speedo my fingers were just wrinkly enough to get the knot undone and into the key slot before my involuntary shaking caused me to drop it.

And my wife wonders why I like to do this!


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