Break The Rules

I am getting ready to fly to Poland for another TI Coach training camp- but I will share some words from TI Head Coach Terry Laughlin. And I strongly urge you to spend some time browsing the TI Forums. A lot of good stuff for you there.


I’m writing today to tell of one of the most exciting insights of my 40 years of coaching — and 46 years of swimming.

You’ll need to read post #28 in the thread Terry’s Practices Summer 2012 on the TI Discussion Forum for the details. This concerns an insight I had last night that casts into serious doubt two “Speed Rules’ that have guided my coaching and my own training for decades.

These two rules–which NO ONE has ever questioned–are:

To swim faster, you must:

  1. generate more power to overcome the greater resistance/drag one faces as speed increases and
  2. produce more ‘anaerobic’ power (energy-metabolism rather than muscular) to continue fueling your muscles at the higher metabolic output required to swim faster and exert that increased power.

Those rules have long served to intimidate, more than inform, swimmers whose goal is to swim faster. They have tended to limit a sense of possibility for many people, and influenced how they trained — encouraging training with big paddles and big resistance and high HRs, when none of them actually do anything to guarantee faster speeds.

Read how my practice last evening ‘broke’ those rules and left me with a new sense of inspiring, nearly unlimited, possibility.  Click here for the details.

– TL


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