Little Sleep B4 Big Water

It was not my idea of a good night rest before a race… In the small hillside city of Kaş everything echoes off the mountain. We headed to bed at 10 but the city had a concert on the harbor until midnight with fireworks. It might as well have on the terrace above our flat. Then the excitement of the cultural festival combined with a warm evening had the locals up and talking in the spaces around our pansiyon. And was that someone using an industrial washing machine above my room every 5 minutes? Then street cats took up their arguments and fights outside my window several times. Then the mezzun had to give out the call to prayer at 4:50.

Well, this is what I have to work with today. 3 hours sleep, if that. It’s almost 6 and time to put the first layer of lotion on my back, fill my belly with water, then go eat some breakfast. We should be swimming by 8:30 so just enough time for decent digestion and hopefully a good trip to the toilet. Some things can be relieved easily in open water and some things not.

Meis Kaş here we come!


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