In Defense Of Fat

I think these links will be of interest to you  if you aspire to weight loss, or to adapt to open-water swimming.

Not all FAT is equal, nor should be villianized in our swimmer bodies. Here’s a few links from The Daily News Of Open Water Swimming:

TDNOWS – Staying Warm With Brown Fat

TDNOWS – The Remarkable Fact Of Brown Fat

In addition, FAT may not be the enemy of our fitness at all, when we consider what Dr. Attia has to say on his website War On Insulin. And read more on his site The Eating Academy.

TDNOWS – Dr. Peter Attia Battles The War On Insulin

For 18 years, ever since a researcher at Oregon State University pulled me into his study on endurance athletes and explained his theory, I have been increasingly convinced that a convention carbohydrate diet is not in my best interest. You might consider these ideas as well.

I’ve written a couple essays on fat and swimming aimed at the mental side:

Does Swimming Burn Fat?

Swim For Vision Not For Fat

I want to re-iterate that my intent is not to add pressure, and certainly not to add condemnation to anyone struggling with what they feel is a weight-problem. Instead, my goal as a coach and motivator is to suggest a more enjoyable, more effective path toward building a body and brain that will more naturally build health, prefer better nutrition, and more eagerly seek out exercise and challenge.

Swim On!


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