Seal The Hatches First!

I could kick myself…

I have this great Sanyo Xacti underwater camera.

Last night I was getting ready to jump in the pool with some close friends, the wife and 10 yr old daughter who’s on a swim club, who wanted an introduction to TI. I brought my camera along to take some shots of them BEFORE/AFTER since I know they would have loved to see the difference.

I had thought I had slipped the SD card in the slot and closed the water-tight door securely just before coming to the pool, so in my eagerness to show them how the camera works I turned it on and plunged it underwater only to watch the screen immediately flicker off. I pulled it out and to my horror, saw the card door flopping open and water pouring out! Noooooooo!

I swallowed my grief, pulled the battery, shrugged it off for the moment and continued on with a very successful introduction (they were stunned and thrilled with their TI liberation and are hooked now!). Then I took my water-fried little buddy back to their house and tried to pull some of the panels off in the attempt to open it up and blow dry it out with a hair-drier. After about an hour of moderately hot air blowing into it from different angles the fog on the lenses and all apparent water was gone. I put in the batter and saw it flicker back to life.

However, it was not acting quite right and the evaporated water behind the protective glass lens left annoying water spots. And this morning when I tried turning it on again, it showed no power. So, at my friend’s suggestion I opened up the panels again and stuck it in a bag of rice in the hope of sucking lingering moisture out of it. Who knows? I haven’t tried powering it up again yet.

But I did immediately placed an amazon order for another one just in case. This is an indispensible teaching tool. I have 8 days left in Oregon before I return to my home in Antalya Turkey so I had to do it now or wait who knows how long before I could get one from the US again.

When I get a good moment I will do a careful surgery, pulling all the outer panel screws and pealing it apart ot attempt a more thorough ressecitation.

It will only take one lesson like this to make me thoroughly careful with my camera from now on!




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