Training: Descend Tempo, Hold SPL

I swam 3136m today, in the PC 32m outdoor pool. Started at 14:30. Sunny, warm. Pool was 27 C.

512m (8 laps) warm up.

12x 192m (3 laps) Descending tempo (with TT) per repeat, hold SPL.

# tempo SPL held # tempo SPL held
1. 1.20 22 7. 1.14 22+
2. 1.20 22 8. 1.13 23
3. 1.18 22 9. 1.12 23
4. 1.17 22 10. 1.11 23
5. 1.16 22+ 11. 1.10 23+
6. 1.15 22+ 12. 1.09 23

In the 32m pool, 22 SPL is about 16.5 SPL in a 25m pool.

I had to work to hold the SPL. I was pumped at the end but not exhausted.

I experimented with the recovery arm swing and entry point to see if I could find a more relaxed stroke. When I recovered narrow and targeted a bit shallower (straighter forward rather than angling down), and hugged my shoulder to cheek I could get a bit more glide, but it cost me in energy consumption- just a lot more muscle strain involved to hold that position rather than use a wider swing, and more relaxed spear hand and lower target. To do the latter I would add 1+ to the SPL – but over a long distance it would be worth the energy savings to use this wider swing and more relaxed entry and reach to target.


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