When To Rest, When To Swim

Oh, the weather have been amazing- dry heat! About 105F/40C today.  The sea was like glass a couple days ago when I drove by and today it was flat, but rippled as if someone ran rough hairbrush over the surface. There was a hot, dry breeze blowing out to sea from the Anatolian plateau to the north of us. It made the deep blue, become even deeper. The horizon was a crisp line that made my eyes imagine I  could even see the skyline of Egypt on the other side of the Pond.

But I have been laid low by a sinus infection, head-cold. My toddler son is learning to give kisses and so I just can’t resist letting him pucker up to my face. But then we share all the germs as well.I came home from Poland wiped out and that was enough for the germies to take hold.

The sea water is good for cleansing the sinuses, as well as the soul. I needed sleep this early morning more than I needed to swim. I don’t have any races to pressure my performance, which is ok at this stage in life and family right now. Tomorrow I will do a little stroke work in the pool before lessons, then the next day I will head to the sea at sunrise for a long, cleansing swim.


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